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If his struggles continue throughout this final stretch and carry over into the postseason, the Bucks will be in trouble.
With a mixed bag of a roster when he arrived and a style that ran completely counter to what previous head coach Tom Crean preached, there was always going to be a transition period.
Miller failed to demonstrate he promoted compliance by not establishing that compliance was a shared responsibility within the men’s basketball program, not setting clear expectations that his coaching staff comply with NCAA legislation and not require the immediate reporting of actual and potential violations to the compliance staff for an independent inquiry, the NCAA notice of allegations said.
The 6-foot-11 center enters the final weekend of the regular season averaging 23 points per game, best in the Big Ten, to go along with 8 rebounds per contest.

While early rumors and conjecture speculated…
As of the beginning of this week, teams from college basketball’s top seven conferences and Gonzaga sported a 21 record in their first game back from a layoff of 14 days or longer.
It’s the first time the team posted a losing record in the regular season since 1992, and there was speculation that Fuente could be fired.
In fact, the game came down to the final shot at the buzzer, a missed triple by Brooklyn’s Kevin Durant that would have sent the game into overtime for an extra five minutes.
5 in the College Football Playoff rankings, deserve to be included because of how well it endured the grind of an SEC-only schedule, Fisher said.

Of course, Connaughton’s recent radiothon also saw him team up with the Brewers, along with Bucks teammates and personnel, to raise money for a host of local charities.
The UCLA Bruins could make major changes to the football program this offseason, and maybe even target some big names.
Boeheim, coming off a 64 win over Clemson, was asked a harmless question by The Athletic’s Matthew Gutierrez about the defensive development of players Quincy Guerrier and Alan Griffin.
But with both Cal and UCLA healthy enough to play, the league is allowing them to play one another in a hastily pulled together matchup of intrastate rivals that will cap a weekend of college football thrown into chaos by the pandemic’s rising number of cases.

in which Jorge Jiminez’s family is going after Boeheim after they say the 75-year-old coach is to blame for Jiminez’s death.
Feigin described the facility as symbolizing the championship-caliber focus and commitment to excellence that will become the hallmarks of Bucks basketball.
How can that be measured though?
A new report has surfaced documenting a 70-year-old’s woman accusation that Guice sexually harassed her at a high school championship game in the New Orleans Superdome.

After starting in his last three appearances, typical sixth man Bobby Portis paved the way in his return to the bench by chipping in 16 points and 10 rebounds.
Texas Tech head coach Matt Wells is expected to return in 2021, sources confirmed to ESPN, but with a new offensive coordinator.
That leaves a gaping defensive hole when the Bucks Custom Basketball Shorts up against stretchier fives like: Marc Gasol, Al Horford, Jonas Valanciunas, Enes Kanter, and Nikola Vucevic.
Fisher will be an after-the-draft option for teams, per RapSheet.

On Saturday morning, before top-ranked Gonzaga casually tossed aside 16th-ranked Virginia just like that big garbage bag filled with wrapping paper you still have at your home, estimated the Zags’ chances at finishing the regular season undefeated design your own jerseys be 24%.
For those who aren’t familiar with PER, it’s an advanced statistic created by NBA analyst and former executive John Hollinger, which attempts to record a unified value to measure player impact from all areas of the game.
Each year, the committee sees some turnover among its 13 members, though the turn from 2020 will include an extension of Iowa athletic director Gary Barta as the committee chair for another season.
Logging just 187 total minutes in 20 appearances this season, Nwora has largely been a spectator on the end of the bench during his rookie campaign to this point.

Eventually, that wore on Bucks players, Custom Caps after Robertson retired and Abdul-Jabbar broke his hand at the start of the 1974 season.
Has everyone become oblivious who supports athletics??
Well judging from some of the highlight packages you can see from him on YouTube, he’s got lightning fast pace, good athleticism, and is unafraid of taking the ball right to the rim.
South Carolina star cornerback Jaycee Horn announced on Monday that he’s opting out of the remainder of the season to begin preparing for the NFL draft.
These other ten were just bad, though.
What do you do when your team isn’t crashing the boards like you want ’em to??

Ian Levy was someone whose work I had admired from a distance for a long time, and between eventually collaborating on NBA division projects at BTBP and getting to write for him at FanSided’s The Step Back and ever so briefly at Hardwood Paroxysm, I came away from every interaction with Ian as a better writer.
If Middleton is to go on to be successful and bring home a trophy for the Bucks on Saturday, he’ll have to upset the odds against a stacked field of competitors.
They traded for him specifically to match up against players like Durant, but Middleton will almost certainly see some time as well.
It features The Greek Freak on a thematic base and decked out in the Nike City Edition uniform.


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